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“ We used BDK Architects and found them to be quick, reasonably priced, creative, great to work with, approachable and with a complete understanding of all Planning and Building Bye-Law aspects.
We would recommend them for any construction project! ” - BDK Domestic Client, April 2009

Sport & Leisure

St Georges Preparatory School - Sports Hall

The brief was to provide a modern, multi functional facility that could also be let to other users to generate an income for the school. The siting of this building in the historic context of La Hague Manor was crucial and a major concern to the planning authority.

The solution was a modern and simply detailed wooden box sitting quietly against a grassy bank. The structure is pushed to the outside of the box and the large columns stand like trees in the woodland setting. The building is lowered into the ground to avoid the impact of what is essentially a large ‘box’.

A soft grey roof floats over the box allowing the playing space to take advantage of natural light. The cedar cladding is left untreated to weather down to a soft silver grey, complementing the limestone of the Manor House.

The materials were chosen to keep future maintenance to a minimum. The internal fair-faced block work requires no maintenance, nor does the external untreated cedar. In the changing and shower areas the finishes are kept simple. The result is a beautiful building in a beautiful setting that compliments the history of the site.