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Plemont Holiday Village - Public Notice


The Public Inquiry Inspector advised the Planning Minister our plans should be approved because of the substantial environmental & ecological benefits, ruling the scheme will improve character of the area and provide positive public benefits. This will return 2/3rds of the site to open landscape, which our Client has undertaken will be gifted to the States of Jersey in perpetuity for public access and enjoyment.

During the Inquiry the National Trust for Jersey representative admitted our plans would be an enormous improvement, but argued that was not enough.
Proponents of the States Proposition and the National Trust's campaign claim acquiring our Clients property is for the “benefit of future generations”  and somehow there is an imperative to return the whole of Plemont to a natural state.

This would achieve less than 0.6% increase in public open landscape around the Island and minimal further envrionmental benefit. The inference the built environment is mutually incompatible with the natural environment cannot be justfied. The greater public benefit arising from funding educational, housing, health and other social projects is overlooked. 

See below for our Clients response…