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St Aubin's Coastal Park - get the Download Here !


BDK Architects visualisation of what can be achieved at St Aubin - The Facts


·    It is NOT a Masterplan, nor anywhere near a developed Design.

·    What is does provide is a series of ideas in a co-ordinated proposal which, responding to Public comment, will be moulded and developed.

·    The amount of enabling development to pay for new Public Amenities comprising a new Public Park, underground Car Park, Boat Slip & Hoist, Boat Park and Village Square will be determined following full detailed costing.

·    There is no Developer or Financier behind the Proposal.

·    Both Guy de Faye & BDK Architects fully intend that the project will be driven by local Jersey people, backed by a Public Subscription or Public / Private Partnership, with designs realised by local Jersey Architects.


The Jersey Island Plan 2002 fully supports this proposal with Policy BE11 stipulating that:-


“Proposals for the construction of a land reclamation scheme adjacent to St Aubin’s harbour, including public car parking, to restore St Aubin’s village its unique character, as approved by the States on 23 July 1996, will be favourably considered.”

View of St Aubin's Coastal Park

We commit to developing a detailed scheme that will truly “restore St Aubin’s village its unique character”

A survey carried out by First Research in January 2008 discovered that 66% of St Aubin Residents and 65% of Visitors would welcome land reclamation to solve the car parking problem and enhance St Aubin as a destination.

So what are the Benefits ?

1)      New 10,000 m2 Public Parkland overlooking St Aubin’s Bay

2)      New Village Market Square providing space for open air events, such as the Branchage Film Festival, and markets.

3)      Half Tide Slipway & Boat Hoist with Boat Park

4)      Secure underground car park providing 750 spaces, enabling Park & Ride / Park & Level Cycle to St Helier beating rush-hour queues.

5)      Off main road bus stops and taxi rank with shelters

6)      Part of car park allocated to existing St Aubin residents and businesses.

7)      Further pedestrianisation along The Boulevard

8)      Keynote “Gateway” building with roof-top restaurant commanding breathtaking views of St Aubin’s Bay.

9)      New Alfresco dining and leisure options.

10)   St Aubin to St Helier shuttle service using buses or smaller multi-occupancy vehicles.

11)   Relieve traffic congestion along the main coast road and/ or allow traffic calming along the Bulwarks section of the Harbour and nearby minor roads.

12)   Removing parked vehicles from the Bulwarks enhancing pedestrian amenity and Alfresco for existing hospitality businesses along St Aubin’s harbour frontage.

Aerial View of St Aubin's Coastal Park

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