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St Aubin's Coastal Park - Public Comment


Quotes from On-Line Comments

St. Brelade Boy

I think the plans are brave and exciting. St Aubin is beautiful, it has a real community village spirit but it doesn’t mean to say that this development will ruin anything. There are so, so many, narrow minded tunnel vision people over here who oppose, fear and hate change it's unbelievable.


I think the plans are bold, and actually look quite nice and will enhance the town of St Aubin well. I am all for it and thumbs up for someone at least who has a bit of vision.


  I was born and grew up around St Aubin and I have to admit I’m for development of the area. That little bit of mucky sand wont be missed by anyone, get off your rears and go and poke your head over the wall and look for yourselves and you’d agree a green park to walk around, a car park to cope with much needed demand and a few modern, tidy buildings, will make St Aubin a better looking place and fit in perfectly with the old stone of the lovely parish hall.


St Aubins got charm enough, yes, but by land filling that unused and rather mucky space will add much more charm without a doubt. Old and New together look rather nice, they have developed the old slaughter house into a fantastic melange of old and new. Bring it on.


Yes, St. Aubin is a beautiful little village and should remain so. However, having read the narrow minded response so far, I can only assume the contributors have not studied the proposals.


The way I see it, St. Aubin is always crowded with cars and this scheme would put them all out of sight – subject to the Parish banning cars on the streets. The proposed Park would provide extra walking and relaxation area, with superb views across the Bay.

Subject to the proposed flats not being more than three stories high and of excellent design – which does not mean granite everywhere – this development would be of much more benefit to the Island than the high rise monstrosities the other side of the Bay. So come on Public and Planners, stop sticking heads in the sand and make a giant leap forward for a change.


Mr Impartial

“Very interested to see if the 600 car parking will be free as a resident the parking situation has become intolerable. I think the scheme has some merit provided we do not end up with the same architectural build as the Waterfront which is an un-coordinated disaster.”


“Looks great and it will provide employment during construction, car parking and additional facilities at no cost to the taxpayer or ratepayer.”


“I love it!”



Real Truthseeker

“This is a great plan, and will gives us a good centre for night life, and partying in St Aubin, rather than this midway between a sleepy hamlet, and a pub-like area.


Get rid of the dodgy pubs, increase prices and make better pubs and clubs, with prices that will keep trouble makers out. Good restaurants and eateries, shops.

This isn’t just a Win-Win, it is a Win-Win-Win!”

Grumpy Beggar

“The entire coastline from St Aubins to La Collette is built, without exception, on reclaimed land. Anyone complaining about this idea who lives on the coastline, including La Haule, Beaumont, Victoria Avenue and any building to the south of Sand Street and Bond Street is a tad hypocritical as they would not be where they were today if it were not for huge reclamation projects in the 18th and 19th centuries.


I am not really for this particular plan but I am not against the idea in principle. The corner of that beach stinks and is hardly used. Please though, no Dandara involvement, no flats and lots of open space. A buried car park there will enable more visitors to the area and so generate more income to businesses there.”


“I totally agree – I think this proposal goes too far but some form of additional land reclamation which involves losing the above-ground parking and turning the space into an open public square or plaza has got to be a good thing.


I think it’s vital that the granite sea wall be retained and not replaced by some nasty concrete steps or piles of boulders (like at West Park) – that would really lose the charm of St Aubin.”



Pip Clement

“I suggest we embrace the concept, and make sure as a community we make it work. To simply criticise for the sake of it will only lead to despair, and failure.”

“I believe that the new plan developments are very exotic and important if Jersey is to withstand there current reputation. More car parking space is needed (no question about it) and 600 more should be plenty. The flats however will have a fantastic view and allow more people to imigrate onto the island. I think it is a very complex but well thought out plan....BRILLIANT I SAY”