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Plemont Holiday Village - The Green Plan


BDK Architects are pursuing a Planning Panel decision on the Green Plan for Plemont - 2/3rds of the site returned to nature with public access, at no cost to the Taxpayer. During 2010 we spent 6 months working with Planning Dept. Senior Officers to further improve and refine the scheme, now containing 28no. Eco-Houses. In fact the major part of our planning application is to realise open natural land similar in size to Howard Davis Park, returning this to open public landscape and donating to the Public. This will be the largest privately funded donation of Public Natural Landscape in the Islands History - ever.

The amount of any development will be halved and sight of any buildings will disappear from many viewpoints along the North Coast. A new footpath link to the North Coast Footpath and other environmental benefits are incorporated. We believe this Green Plan provides the best overall solution for the future of this brownfield property, virtually achieving the National Trust for Jersey's campaign objective and massively enhancing the environment, character, public amenity and beauty of Plemont Headland - all without any cost to the States of Jersey or the Taxpayer.

Look at the amount of Public Green Space - See BDK's latest Plan below