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2008 - BDK leads innovation again


Extract of article published by Sikkens Ltd.

A major extension and refurbishment project at Jersey General Hospital has incorporated bold and bright colours using Alpha interior wall finishes from Sikkens. Five departments - Day Surgery, Eyes, Audio, Ears Nose & Throat and Clinical Investigations - have been expanded in a phased project that has allowed each department to be given an individual interior opportunity to increase patient comfort and staff morale.

What made the project unique was the involvement of each department's staff who were invited to contribute their colour choice to the specification. BDK Architects were responsible for the extension, and in collaboration with Sikkens Colour Advisor, Kathryn Powley, produced an individual solution for each department.

From the client brief it was paramount that the hospital was easily navigable by people of all ages and abilities. Initial colour concepts included the use of 'way finders' through the use of coloured shapes and themes, unique and appropriate for each department. The concepts also had the added benefit of providing a fun and interactive environment for children. The design proposals were well received by the members of the hospital during a day-long colour consultation during which a mock-up of the entire colour scheme was produced to include a suite of contrasting colours for flooring, walls and skirting.

The product specified was Alphaxylan SF, a high quality finish for interior walls that offers excellent opacity and scrub resistance, essential for sterile environments. Its low dirt pick-up characteristics and fast-drying properties were ideal, providing a low odour alternative to the conventional eggshell finish often used in hospitals.

Apart from the extensive colour palette available in Sikkens Alphaxylan SF, the product complied fully with stringent health and safety criteria. Alphaxlyan is a flat matt coating, and being rated as Class One scrubbable, is suitable for environments where hygiene is a priority. It is solvent-free and therefore virtually odourless, making it invaluable in situations where buildings, such as hospitals, have to remain open. Additionally, only one primer and one top coat are required for new work, or two coats in a maintenance situation (one coat if applied to the same colour), unlike comparable products that normally require a minimum of three coats.

The new extension and refurbishment are now complete and blend in with their surroundings as, externally, BDK Architects cleverly used glass to reflect the architecture of the existing building. Internally, the use of Alphaxlyan SF is a testament to the evolution of coatings in terms of health and safety, functionality and high aesthetic value.

BDK Architects Project Director concluded that the specification assistance offered by Sikkens had been second to none, Alphaxylan SF overcame many problems that conventional paint systems would have struggled to cope with, the decorators found it excellent to use, and hospital staff and patients are delighted with the bright and cheery atmosphere that they have played a big part in helping to achieve.