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2000 - Jersey Archive Citations



"The Architects have made a creative virtue of the necessities of a constricted space by drawing the visitor and reader through a visually stunning glass vestibule into the eye-comforting greens and browns of the carpets and desks where all the work is done." - Philip Le Brocq, President Societe Jersiaise.

"I would suggest that a fine example of new architectural design, from which a great deal can be learned, can be seen at the new Archive building in Clarence Road." - Robert Tilling RA

"This building is a triumph of architecture and planning, transforming a neglected area into a major civic destination. Inserted into a difficult site, the clarity of the layout and quality of design of this building have given Islanders a very successful and popular asset and two new civic spaces."  - The Civic Trust

This fine building uses concrete in many forms – in-situ, precast and blockwork. The detailing and quality of the locally produced precast units are superb. The thermal mass of concrete has been exploited to provide a stable environment for the historic materials and exhibits on display and in storage, creating the largest archive in the world that relies on passive environmental control. Alongside this concern for low energy consumption was the island’s desire to source local material where possible for the construction, and throughout the project in landscaping, structure and even display, precast concrete has been used with great effect and elegance. This is an example of a totally appropriate use of concrete in creating a sustainable building of social value.” - The Concrete Society